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It’s All in the Details


With over a decade in the industry, Florida BUILD Contractors has earned recognition as a leading contractor dedicated to the repair of concrete infrastructure. At Florida BUILD, we have established stringent quality control guidelines and quality standards for field operations.

These requirements, along with years of experience, skilled trade training programs, and top notch safety programs, validates confidence in clients looking for quality, long-term solutions for their concrete repair needs.

Florida BUILD Contractors is leader in technology-driven concrete repair and restoration solutions. Our focus is not to repair the apparent damages a building might demonstrate, but to investigate and find the root cause of your concrete issues, so that we can provide a long-term, durable solution.


  • Painting

  • Waterproofing 

  • Concrete Restoration

  • P.T. Cable Repair

  • Structural Steel Reinforcement 

  • Steel Replacement

  • Impact Windows/ Railings

  • Corrosion Control

  • Carbon Fiber Applications

  • Foundation Slabs 

Restoration Services

All Our Work Accessible In One Place

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